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About FFF

The Formosa Film Festival is an annual event held during Taipei American School’s arts week in April. This year's festival will be held on April 24th, 2014. During the event, films submitted by the community’s aspiring film makers are showcased and screened. The films are commented on live by a panel of judges, giving the film makers a chance to learn more about filmmaking and its appreciation. Members of the community are welcome to attend the event in the Small Theater.

Film Guidelines

The Formosa Film Festival accepts the following types of films:

  • Narrative: A film that tells a story using various filmmaking techniques.
  • Music Video: A short film that accompanies an original piece of music.
  • Informative / Documentary: These may be instructional (i.e. a film illustrating a scientific concept, a philosophical theory, or a PSA) or promotional (i.e. a trailer for an upcoming performing arts show or a highlight reel of sports).
  • Animation and CG: A film that involves any sort of animation or motion graphics. These include stop-motion videos and cartoons.

Films must be less than seven minutes in length, excluding credits.

Past Winners


Oliver H.

FFF Animation Winner


FFF Editorial Winner


Beatrice H.

FFF Golden Tiger Winner


Brandon L.

FFF Glenn Wolfe Special Award


Valerie L.

FFF Narrative Winner


FFF PSA Winner

Film Challenges

Film challenges are challenges given out to practice different film-making and script writing techniques. Past challenges include time-lapse videos, stop-motion animations, and short six-second videos. Submitted videos are judged by faculty members, and the winner awarded a prize. A different challenge is issued every other month.

Current Challenge:

No challenges.

You have two minutes to showcase your camera and acting abilities. Tell a story in one single take, without any cuts between shots in editing. You are allowed to color-grade and add visual and sound effects, but you may not cut between different shots even if the transition is seamless. Festival rules regarding copyrighted music apply, and all entries will automatically be entered into the Festival under the Film Challenges category.

Prize:   500NT 新光三越 (Mitsukoshi) Voucher

Want to participate?

Stay tuned for information on submitting a film for the 2015 festival.

Tech Guidelines

We want to make sure your film looks its best. Please make sure your film is rendered with the following settings:

  • HD (720p or 1080p) frame size
  • H.264 / AVC codec
  • At least 10kbits/sec bitrate
  • Audio at >192 kbits/sec

Films must be less than seven minutes in length excluding the end credits.

Non-Original Music

The Formosa Film Festival urges all student film makers to comply with copyright restrictions in regards to the use of non-original music. The Student License for FreeplayMusic stipulates that film makers producing videos posted on the Internet or submitted to contests with prizes must pay $25 per track of music. In addition, commercial labels in general require agreements for use of their music. You have until March 26, 2014 to secure permission in writing in order to be eligible to receive prizes and to have your video posted on the website. If you have questions, please contact any FFF coordinator. For entries without a music license or permission, we will accept and jury the film but the entry will be ineligible for a prize and for web posting.

Entry Rules

The Formosa Film Festival reserves the right to reject any entry on the basis of objectionable content that might be potentially insulting, inflammatory images, or rude language. The Formosa Film Festival does not assume responsibility for phone, technical, network, electronic, computer, and hardware or software failure of any kind; or lost, late, misdirected, damaged, illegible, stolen, incomplete, misaddressed entries. Entries can be disqualified if the Entry Form is not complete or if video files are not clearly labeled. By entering the Formosa Film Festival, the applicants: (1) agree to the official rules and the decisions of the judges which will be final in all respects; (2) consent to the use of names and likenesses, the name of his/her school or other affiliation (if applicable) and any statements, quotes or testimonials, photographs, designs, models, web content and/or any other audio-visual materials provided by the applicant for advertising, trade and publicity purposes. (3) grants the Formosa Film Festival and its authorized agents the assigned rights to reprint, display, reproduce, perform or exhibit the entry without limitation and without any compensation to any party, except where prohibited by law; (4) release the Formosa Film Festival, its subsidiaries, and affiliates from any and all liability for any injuries, losses or damages of any kind caused by any prize or resulting from award, acceptance, possession or use of any prize, or failure to award any prize. (5) must wholly own valid entries and their contents. Each applicant warrants and represents that he/she is the independent creator of the submitted entry; the entry is original and owned by applicant; the entry is free of any claims by other parties. The applicant is solely responsible for any copyright infringement; all music, images, and footage must be original and/or copyright free and/or obtained from creative commons. Documents or licenses granting permission to use copyrighted music, images or footage must be submitted with entry.